Stick Figure Warm-Up

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Do you ever find it hard to remember directions you’ve heard or read?  I find I’m always looking things up again and again to know what to do even if I’ve read about it 15 times.  My husband Jason runs the site Strength Running.  He’s a great runner and coach and has come up with (or compiled) some fantastic strength, warm-up, and cool down routines.  For months, I struggled to consistently follow a simple warm-up routine.  Though I knew how to do the exercises,  I always forgot which came next and what each term meant.   I’d find scraps of paper and write and rewrite the list of exercises, but a week later I had no clue what the difference was between a “donkey kick” and a “donkey whip.”  I was so frustrated I almost gave up on all these exercises all together!

Finally I decided to create a series of images to help me remember these exercise routines – it was pretty embarrassing that the wife of the coach couldn’t even follow Coach Fitz’s advice. “No I’m not giving you a back rub!  You need to strengthen your back.  You never do core or work it out on the foam roller.  I’m not helping you if you don’t help yourself.”  So I drew a series of stick figures in static positions that showed just enough to help you remember the exercise.  These became my cheat sheets for my dynamic stretches and in return have now been shared with other “strength runners” (my husband’s athletes and loyal followers) to help them stay on track.

Enjoy!  You may even be inspired to try these out yourself!  Of course, never begin a new exercise program without consulting your doctor and the coach behind it all. (Special thanks to Jay Johnson for the Cannonball Routine)

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