Custom Illustration, Books & Infographics

About My Art

As an illustrator and Kindergarten teacher  (hence the ability to simplify things in  – “Let me hold your hand like a small child” way of explaining), I specialize in unique and extremely personalized illustrations & story books. I’m passionate about creating art that helps people in their everyday lives.  My illustrations are clear, practical, and entertaining.  I translate complex ideas into simple pictures that both children and adults can understand and enjoy.  I create personalized images and real-life stories for individuals.  My work is ever evolving by experimenting with different mediums, as well as responding to the diverse needs of individuals and a dynamic society.

About My Custom Illustration & Design Services

Let’s Illustrate Your Life!

Struggling to find the perfect image?  I can create the perfect illustration for your need whether for your website or personal use.  Have special events or family moments you want to remember?  I can cartoon a snapshot of your life or transform your real life moment into a book (children’s picture book style) – perfect for simplifying complex concepts for kids or adding humor to an adult memory.

My illustrations in action…

I’m passionate about my illustration because it has the power to dramatically afffect people’ s lives and I’ve seen it.  The look on my Kindergartners’ faces when I read aloud their story (G is for Girl)  and each student could pick out him or herself in each cartoon illustration was a moment I will never forget.  The students poured over their own mini book copies of the read aloud remarking on the characteristic actions of themselves and their classmates. (“Ha ha!  Look Bonnie!  I’m totally about to tell on you!”)  What I gave to those tiny people – none older than the age of 7 –  was well worth the time and effort.
Need a custom illustration or design?  Let me know by contacting me with your ideas and questions!