About Meaghan

Hi, I’m Meaghan! I’m an early childhood specialist and illustrator who focuses on custom children’s illustrations, PK-3 tutoring, and care services for children with special needs. I’ve taught in private and public schools and my art has been featured in exhibits and sold to private clients.

My passion for drawing began at an early age when my mother doled out receipts and pens to keep me and her other 3 rascals occupied.  I still recall my “studio” in church – a disaster of paper and crayons strewn across the pew.

I carried my artistic skills with me to college and decided to pursue a liberal arts degree in architecture.  Although I loved my  architectural education, I realized that my real world experience in architecture lacked the creativity, meaningfulness, and paper/pencil drawing that I desired.

On the contrary, I discovered that my work with children was purposeful and fulfilling.  As a result, after completing a degree in Architectural Studies from Connecticut College, I went on to receive my Master’s in Early Childhood Education with/without Special Needs from Lesley University.

Today I combine my enthusiasm for drawing with my passion for working with young children.  I am continually inspired by my Kindergartners’ boundless energy, unique ideas, and frequently comical behavior.

Originally from outside Philadelphia, I now live in Silver Spring, MD with my husband Jason and our two cats Keeper and Kevin Bacon.