PK – 3 Tutoring in DC Metro Area

I have been a tutor for 5 years and specialize in reading/writing/phonics instruction for students in grades PreK – 3rd. Some of my students have identified learning needs (dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s, expressive/receptive language disorders) and others are on grade level but just looking for a boost.

I am currently a Kindergarten teacher at an independent school and before this was teaching in DC public charter schools. I have also taught 1st grade. I have a Master’s in Early Childhood Education with/and without Special Needs.

In addition, I have experience working the summer school program at the Carroll School in Lincoln, MA. This school is for students with mild to moderate language disabilities and follows the Orton-Gillingham method. In addition to my experience with OG, I also have training in Wilson’s Fundations. This program is very similar to Orton-Gillingham but is adapted nicely for young children.

I live near downtown Silver Spring so students can either come to me or I can travel to them – whichever is easier for the family. My rates are negotiable and depend on the length of a session, number of children in a session, frequency of sessions, location, etc. I will work with you to find a number that is fair for both of us.

If working with me, you or your child will receive:

    • hour long sessions of one-on-one support
    • personalized lessons in your child’s area(s) of need taking into account his/her learning style, rate of progress, and school curriculum
    • informal/formal assessments on letter/sound knowledge, reading level, comprehension/fluency/word attack strategies, handwriting, spelling, and/or sight word knowledge
    • oral or written feedback on your child’s progress after each session
    • materials, books, and/or strategies to use with your child in between sessions
    • activities or “homework” if you will be traveling or out of town

If you are interested in tutoring and think this might be a good match please contact me using the form below.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping your child reduce stress, feel confident and gain the skills to succeed! – Meaghan